Monday, October 05, 2009

Dance lesson #2

Tonight we had our second dance lesson. It was a little more challenging than the first one. There were also a lot more people there for the group lesson that was going on at the same time. They didn't look like beginners either, but I tried not to watch what they were doing too much, as I had plenty to think about myself.

We started by reviewing the Rumba: the simple box step, and the under arm turn. Then Chad taught us the CROSS BODY LEAD. This is where, on the back step (with my right foot) I put our left hands down (to signal turn), and my side step is a quarter turn counterclockwise; then my first forward step is a quarter turn to the left as well. So we turn 180 degrees in the turn. It took us awhile, but we finally got it down.

Next we started learning the Foxtrot. This is a smoother dance (supposedly). And instead of the slow-fast-fast of the Rumba in a tight little box, the Fox Trot is a slow-slow-fast-fast across the floor. I start with my feet together and slightly left of center of Jane. With my knees slightly bent, I take a long step forward (to the left of her right leg), then I take a long step with my right leg between her legs, then a short step straight left, and over with my right foot; then right on to the next long forward step with my left foot, etc. We had to go the length of the floor in front of the whole group lesson several times doing this.

The way we learned how to turn is with the LEFT ROCK TURN. When I go forward with my left foot, I drag my right foot up to my left, but then I move back a big step with my right foot, and then turn an 1/8 turn with my left, and slide the right over to it. We actually did this fairly well.

That was all we learned tonight, and it seemed a bit overwhelming when we were there, but when we got home and practiced it was much easier. I think it's a little harder there because the music is loud, and there are people talking and moving all around and there's the big mirror and the big front window and stuff. One of our biggest problems is too much "negative space" between us (or maybe we don't have enough). Whichever it is, we get too close together. We're supposed to look more formal. Yeah, yeah... story of my life. I'm also supposed to work on my leading, and Jane on her following. Ugh. And I feel a little weird because it seems everybody else has "dance clothes," and people come in and change their shoes and stuff. I just wore my black t-shirt and jeans with a hole in the knee, and Jane had on what she wore to work. I think she really wants an outfit like the lady whose butt was hanging out of her dress though. :) Some of them are decked out like dancing-with-the stars. Oh well, it's innaresting.

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