Monday, October 05, 2009

This and that

Yesterday was an odd sort of day. I felt a little behind in the morning. I was a little out of it from the start. But once things started at church I actually felt pretty good. It was one of those days where the singing was very good for some reason. It seems some songs just go well together, and it was maybe one of our better Sundays in that regard. I wished we had done more songs. We had a great 'sharing' time. It went longer than usual probably. My sermon seemed to flow well for a change, but I went a little long. It was time to leave before we even got to the communion liturgy. So we cut some stuff at the end and didn't get out too late. I honestly don't run over very often. Especially since I moved the end time back to 11:07 several years ago. I felt bad that we had an older person take communion and ate the wafer before dipping it... then didn't know what to do with the cup. :( And we had someone point out a visitor during the sharing time - that was a little awkward. But all in all it was a nice morning. One which actually left me more energized afterward, rather than drained like I usually feel. I didn't even take a nap yesterday. Oh... and the new twenty-somethings class had ELEVEN PEOPLE in it!!! I thought that was awesome.

People must have been setting up the basement for the fish fry after church, but Jane and I had to leave as we went to Anderson to take son Isaac out for lunch. We made it by 1, and went to IHOP. Man, it was the noisiest restaurant I think I've ever been in. And the three of us were seated at a round table, but all on the same side, like a movie set. Anyway, it was a nice time. He needs to ask this girl out.

It was a really nice day for a drive, so when we got to exit 41 we decided to cut over through Muncie and take route 3 home. We'd never been that way before. We drove right by the Ball State football field (David Letterman's alma mater, for those of you who don't know). This was actually a pretty nice route. And we went by this church called 'Sound the Alarm Church of God.' Ha! That just seems like a funny name to me for some reason. I'm guessing it is not the same Church of God as we are. Probably Cleveland, TN.

When we got home we watched the Cowboys get humiliated. You know, I have been a lifelong Cowboys fan, but I could really care less if they win or lose anymore. And Tony Romo seems like a nice guy and all, but he either does good, or he does bad. When he starts to do bad they need to just yank him immediately, because he's not going to change during a game. I think he is still effected by that botched extra point against Seattle several years ago. His body language is too obvious. I just don't think he has the competitive drive to be an NFL quarterback. And, as for Roy Williams... please. I just don't think he realizes he's in the NFL now. High school is over. He is not a player. But it's not like any of it really makes any difference.

Later we all worked on wedding stuff. I cut the bottom off of fake flowers so Jane could make table arrangements, and Drew Carrie were working on mailings. We tried to show them some dance moves, but they didn't seem too interested. Plus Jane keeps laughing every time we try to practice.

For some stupid reason I got on the 'net before going to bed and had some disturbing messages. I hated ending such a nice day on a sour note, but... I guess that's how it goes. Funny how sometimes it's the people who think they are doing the best who are actually doing the worst; or the ones who think they 'get it' the most, who don't really 'get it' at all. Hmm. It's always something.

Anyway, I slept good last night. But when I woke up I laid on my back for a moment and started to spin. Uck. I haven't done that in awhile. Everything was spinning counterclockwise sideways. I felt ok when I got up though. Tonight is dance lesson #2.

Peace out; and in.

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