Friday, October 23, 2009

Dance lesson (hustle/tango)

Wednesday night we had a private lesson followed by a group lesson. In the private lesson we continued to work on Rumba and Foxtrot. We learned how to put some of the different moves together in Rumba; and we learned how to promenade in Foxtrot (face and feet to left; body straight).

The group lesson was an introduction to the Hustle and Tango. The Hustle was easy to learn, but the turning made me dizzy. The Tango was a bit more complicated, but kinda fun once I got the hang of it. It made a big difference depending on your partner too.

I think I started to learn the names of some of the people. Teri, Sue, and Jill have been around before. The new ones on this night were Michelle, Katarina, and Olivia (I think).

Youtube of the Hustle

Youtube of the Tango

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