Thursday, October 22, 2009

Drew Carrie's new place

Drew Carrie took possession of their new apartment today. Fortunately Drew had plenty of good help moving their stuff in and my back wasn't needed. Unfortunately Carrie had to work for Harrison during the day and at Best Buy tonight. She will probably be busy putting things away tomorrow. And, of course, after Nov. 28 there will still be plenty of stuff to move out of her residence-until-then. :) One of these days Jane and I will maybe even get to see the place. I think it will be perfect for them, and nice for us too. Not too far that we can't be there in half an hour, close to the mall, and our dance lessons, and lots of cool places we've not yet checked out on the north side of town. Congrats kiddo's.

(Many fanks to Mr. Felts for the fone pic)

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