Saturday, October 31, 2009


It was a Saturday. I worked in the morning. Jane and I went to Subway for lunch and while we were eating a car ran into the light pole across the street.

After lunch we went to our first ever dog show - at the Coliseum. It was kinda neat. Lots of dogs. Big ones, little ones, fufu ones, macho ones. We saw several Corgi's like Bogie. They were all much smaller than him, and darker. It was kind of sad though.

It was nice to see the Illini actually win a football game. Too bad it was against Michigan, I guess.

I fixed the vacuum sweeper. The hose had been clogged. Got a bunch of stuff out of it.

I replaced the light bulbs on the motion light above the garage. I got 100 watt bulbs, not realizing it had had 50 watt bulbs before. All the better to see you with.

We had ZERO trick-or-treaters. Even though I'm not real into halloween, it was still kind of sad. We had a candy bowl and everything. I guess we're going to have lots of snickers and milky ways to eat now.

I think there was even a full moon for halloween night.

I put away the grill, the patio table and chairs, and the hose.

I set all the church clocks back for the end of daylight saving time in the morning; set the ones at home back in the afternoon. It will be nice to sleep an extra hour on a Sunday morning. Although I've been waking up before the alarm goes off lately anyway.

A quiet night.

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