Friday, November 13, 2009

New pants but not a new suit

I bought a new pair of jeans last night. I decided maybe I needed some that don't have a hole in the knee. Plus I wanted a pair that could be worn everyday, but also in casual dress situations. I got some D3 Dockers Classic Fit jeans at Kohls. 34/30. They are a tad loose in the waist, but the 33/30 were a tad tight. Story of my life. At any rate, they're actually kind of nice (but I'm not taking the tags off just yet). I've never had a pair of Dockers jeans before. Most of mine have been Levi's, Arizona, or from Walmart.

I also tried on a suit (I know, crazy). I finally figured out the problem with the suit I have: it is a three-button jacket. If I were a bit slimmer throughout it would be fine, but as I have aged and my body shape has changed slightly... it just doesn't fit as well as I would like. Besides, it probably wouldn't hurt me to have more than one. So I am in the market for a nice, inexpensive, two-button suit. The problem I have, though, is that so many suits seem to come with pants that are both pleated and cuffed. I don't like pleated and/or cuffed pants. Jane talked me into trying on a gray suit with the pleated/cuffed pants... and I really liked the jacket, but it must just be my body shape that makes me look like I'm wearing a diaper when I wear pleated pants. And they feel funny. I don't know why they look fine on some people, but they're not for me. So, even though I liked the Chaps suits at Kohls, I am going to have to look somewhere else to try to find flat-front suit pants. I wouldn't mind a gray or a brown suit, or maybe even blue or tan... but we'll see. I am a little nit-picky about how my clothes feel, especially when spending $150-200. By the way - note to self - I wear a 40short jacket.

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