Saturday, November 14, 2009

New suit

I got a new suit last night. Went to JC Penney and they had them on sale, and I found a gray Joseph Abboud suit that I liked and the pants were not even cuffed or pleated. It was $360 on sale for $160, and we got another $30 off because apparently we have a Penney's credit card. Also, while checking out I noticed a navy sport coat hanging there that was my size and it was on clearance for $20, so I got that too. I thought I would see if Isaac wanted it (seems he was wanting a sport coat, but he might already have a navy one), but if not I can wear it. I didn't really want to use my birthday monies for dress clothes, but it's better than using regular money for them. I also got some new white undershirts at Meijers. A three-pack of medium Fruit-of-the-Loom. I have such a hard time finding undershirts that fit right. You know, mediums are too small, larges too big. These mediums actually seemed to fit ok.

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