Saturday, November 14, 2009

Thou shall not murder; 8 little foxes

Scot M. has a good post on this:

And I agree with this comment that was left:
It has always been a mystery to me how a person can be anti-abortion and yet pro-death penalty, pro-war and anti-public health care... It seems a great example of how our political views influence our reading of scripture, rather than vice-versa.

Also, Scot has a series going on about the book Hidden Worldviews (Steve Wilkins and Mark Sanford) that is quite good. He calls it "8 Little Foxes That Spoil the Church's Vines". So far they've covered: Individualism, Consumerism, and Nationalism (the one on Nationalism has some great comments regarding the flag in church). I hate to link to Scot's blog because, while I like Scot and what he writes, I can't stand the set-up and maneuverability of his blog since he switched to beliefnet hosting it. But this is worth the hassle.

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