Saturday, November 21, 2009

Siv at cs3 and welcome to the room

Last night we went to Calhoun Street Soups, Salads and Spirits (CS3's) to listen to Drew's band Swimming Into View. It's always interesting walking into the back room of this place, because you go through a solid door and then the stage is right there. When we got there last night the opening band was still playing, and as we walked across in front of the stage and found a seat at a table, the guy was singing about vagina's. I couldn't make out any other words, but he definitely liked that one... he kept repeating it over and over and over. And, of course, almost everyone in there immediately looked at Jane and I because we were quite obviously the oldest people in the room. Then, after the song ended, the singer says, "Is that somebody's parents?" To which daughter Carrie proudly raised her hand in the air. Yep, welcome to the room.

They all seemed like nice people though. And all of Drew Carrie's friends are always super nice to us. So it was all quite fun, and we had a nice time.

I like listening to SIV (can I call them that?). They're not trying to be rock stars, they're just having a good time playing music. You know, it is okay to just have fun and enjoy something. They always make me feel good whenever I hear them. I really liked the rap song where they all switch instruments and Mr. Felts sings; as well as their funky version of Foxy Lady. There are a couple of songs that must be their own that I really like too.

And the cs3 back room continues to get better each time we've been there. There's just something about this place that I like. I don't know if it's the brick walls, the high ceilings, or what. I think it would make an awesome church gathering spot though.

And I found out last night that the nice looking door by the bar actually leads into Babylon - the big Fort Wayne GLBT club. A couple of times people went in and out of it and I could see through the door that it had wild lighting, and multiple levels, and there were sparkly things floating in the air. I am curious as to what it's like, but... you know... I don't know that I'm THAT curious. Apparently you can come from the gay club into CS3, but there was a keypad requiring a code to go from CS3 into Babylon. Hmm.

Anyway... good time.

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