Tuesday, December 29, 2009

A new vacuum

We bought a new vacuum cleaner last night. We got a Dyson DC17 (all floors). It has kind of a burnt orange top (like the pic), and it is awesome! At first I was bummed because I wanted to get the yellow Dyson. I had been in Best Buy the other day and they were on sale for $319. But when we went in last night they were back up to $399. I didn't really want one that bad. But we gave our old vacuum to Isaac when he left the other day - because his bit the dust - so we needed something. And, actually, the DC17's were on sale for even cheaper than the yellow Dyson (DC14) had been before (299). So we bought it and daughter Carrie checked us out. I went right home and vacuumed the entire house. It was smoooth. And I could not believe the amount of dirt it sucked up.

Lately we've had Hoover vacuums, and I've liked them. But I think I will soon get over it. I do miss the fact that the Dyson doesn't have a headlight, or the red/green light that lets me know when it has sucked up all it's going to get. Those seem to be unnecessary accessories though.

For starters, Mike was super easy to assemble (I've named it Mike - Mike Dyson). There were no screws or forcing of objects. Just slide the handle into place and you're set. And even though we didn't get one that rolls on a ball, it pushes/glides so easily. It is much quieter than the other vacuums we've had, and I also really like the quick-draw telescoping wand. It allows you to get into corners and under cupboards and such without having to bend over. The best thing is the emptying of the dirt canister. As I said, I couldn't believe how much it picked up from our what-appeared-to-be already-clean carpet. To empty you just pull the canister out, press the button over the garbage pail, and everything falls out the bottom. There are no filters to tap dirt out of, no parts to separate, no screens to dust off. There is only one filter and it only needs rinsed with water about every 6 months or so.

Overall, this seems like a really nice vacuum and I am happy with it. It helps that it was $150 off the regular price; and for someone like me who really likes a clean carpet, it appears to be worth every penny. Thank you, Santa.

Peace out; and in.

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