Monday, December 28, 2009

Midi music

Ha! I just remembered something I'd forgotten. There is a chance I might be gone this weekend, and I was wondering what to do about music (if Jane is gone we have no keyboardist). I was dinking around in the back hallway and found the discs that go with our keyboard. We have a Yamaha Clavinova that plays 3 1/2" midi discs, and I forgot that we have a disc from Worship Solutions that is the "Best of '96: 10 of the Top 10 CCLI Songs." It has: Lord, I Lift Your Name On High; Majesty; I Love You, Lord; Give Thanks; As The Deer; He Has Made Me Glad; Glorify Thy Name; We Bring The Sacrifice of Praise; This is The Day; and He Is Exalted on it. What it does is, you slide the 3 1/2" floppy disc into the keyboard and it plays the song, then the congregation can sing along. This should work out great for when Jane is gone and we have no piano player. All you need is someone who can push a "play" button.

Then, like that wasn't a neat enough discovery, I googled to see if this place has anymore... and apparently Worship Solutions is no longer in existance, but I found a place called "Christian Computer Concepts" that has some old midi discs for sale really, really cheap. So I bought the "Best of '97" disc too... for SEVEN FREAKING DOLLARS!!! I think these things retail for forty-some dollars. It has: All Hail King Jesus; Awesome God; I Exalt Thee; Jesus, Name Above All Names; More Precious Than Silver; Open Our Eyes; I will Call Upon the Lord: Emmanuel: How Majestic Is Your Name; Change My Heart, Oh God; and Shine, Jesus, Shine on it. Between these two that ought to be plenty of songs to choose from when we are gone and don't have a keyboardist.

It was funny though, because I called the number and just got an answering machine. A few minutes later my phone rang and it was Beverly from the place I had called. She says, "You just called me and I am returning your call." I hadn't even left a message. But I went ahead and ordered the disc. She kept saying she would email me the music files. I kept telling her she didn't have to, I just need the disc. She finally asked if I knew what I was ordering, and I told her that I don't want them for my computer (I don't even have a floppy drive on my computer), but they are for the Clavinova. Then she understood. She was super nice on the phone.

So... it's another festivus miracle! Cool.

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JAH said...

Awesome - does this mean I don't have to try to record mistake-free music for Sunday??