Thursday, December 03, 2009

A prayer for tiger

Tiger Woods has certainly had his fair share of press lately. I know some think his personal life is none of our business; while others think this is part of what making all those millions of dollars (and being a celebrity) is about. Whatever the case, I saw this prayer by David Mains yesterday, and I think I would rather join him with this approach to the situation:
I pray for Tiger and Elin Woods during this difficult week for them. It must be hard to have a whole nation gossiping about your marriage. Let this be a week when a Christian leader with spiritual wisdom is able to give them good advice. I pray that whatever has happened will work for their betterment as people.

I know this is only one couple, and it's not like their lives have anything to do with me, but I appreciated David's perspective. How different would our world be if more of us took this approach to situations like this?

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