Friday, December 04, 2009

Wildest christmas outfit

This Sunday we are having our annual church supper and Christmas tree decorating night. For the past several years we've just put up a plain tree with lights in the sanctuary, then we ask everyone in the church to bring an ornament (that they bought, made, or brought from home) to put on the tree, so it is "ours" and not just one that some committee decorates. We also ask that people share something about their ornament before they put it up - why they chose it, what it means to them, or something. Then we go downstairs and have supper together. This year it's a baked potato bar.

We've also added a 'Wildest Christmas Outfit' contest this year. I really don't know what a "wild Christmas outfit" is, but I thought it might be fun. As a church we've had a rough year. Several of our people have lost loved ones and had other tragic events occur, and I thought - not only do we need to get together with one another, but we could also maybe use a good laugh. So I'm hoping lots of people participate, and that we can have some good fun.

Now my problem is trying to figure out what a wild Christmas outfit is, and what I should wear. Does anyone have any ideas???


Jim said...

You could go as the crazed Clark Griswold.

dan horwedel said...

Ha! Yeah, or cousin Eddie. First two people I thought of. :)

Jim said...

But where are you gonna get the white shoes?