Saturday, December 19, 2009

Sometimes I feel like a little... wing

Perhaps one of my all-time favorite songs is 'Little Wing' by Jimi Hendrix. However, in spite of being a Hendrix purist, I actually do like the Stevie Ray Vaughan cover of it even better. And I like this youtube of SRV doing it: ( This is one of those songs that it's hard for me not to get teary-eyed listening to, and I can totally just lose myself.

Sometimes I do like to hear the words though, and this Hendrix version does me good:

On a side note, I can still remember the day I heard SRV had died. I was working in the chimney factory. I was in shipping at the time. I think I might have been insulating. I heard it on the radio and went and told Dan 3. I don't know why I can remember that so well, because, while I like SRV's music, I wasn't all that big of a fan. I think I had just heard that he had become a Christian though. I actually heard later that when they found his body after the crash he had several pieces of paper in his pocket with Bible verses written on them. He was also an awesome guitar player. I liked what someone wrote in the comments of the youtube: Hendrix was a genius; SRV was a virtuoso.


Whisky Prajer said...

Wasn't aware of the born-again angle to SRV, but it makes some sense, given how he'd sobered up. I remember that day as well, actually, and informing a working acquaintance. He seemed devastated, and I had to quash feelings of annoyance because I was not. Weird, huh?

I also remember a joke that quickly made the rounds: Stevie Ray Vaughn dies and meets St. Peter at the Pearly Gates. Peter takes SRV for a bit of a tour. "There's Hendrix, and there's Keith Moon" etc. They walk past a doorway where SRV spots Bono. "Did Bono just die?" asks SRV. St. Peter sighs. "No, that's God. He just thinks he's Bono."

One variation of many, to be sure.

Jim said...

I also liked the Eric Clapton cover of "Little Wing" back in the 1970s. The Sting version not so much.

I don't remember the day SRV died (like you, I wasn't a big fan), but I do remember where I was (the mountains of Colorado), who I was with (a coworker and her husband) and what we were doing (ending a great day of playing hookie from work, playing in the mountains) the day Kurt Cobain died.

dan horwedel said...

Thanks for chiming in on this guys.