Saturday, December 19, 2009

Vacation ideas

We've been trying to think of a vacation spot for next year and this was a helpful post: Affordable Resorts in The US. It's a look at ten places - some coastal and some not. At least it's a start.

We are perhaps "resort" type people. We don't need a lot of touristy things to do or see or activities to keep us busy. Just find a spot, park the car for a week or so, and hang out (with options for things to do at our leisure). That's why the beach seems like a nice place. But there could be other places I'm simply not aware of (and we're not aware of any beach spots either). I do like to be around other people on vacation. I'm not one for isolation - I get enough of that normally. Not that we want to do things 'with' anyone else, but I find a certain sense of security in a crowd. So... a searchin' we will go. If anyone has any recommendations please feel free to comment.

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