Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I might be moving

I am toying with the idea of moving my blog to another address, so if something should go horribly wrong and everything disappears... that's what happened. Geez, that would be a drag if that happened too. That's why I'm taking my time and dragging my feet and all that. I was freaked out enough this morning when I opened the door into my blog and all my drafts appeared to be gone. Apparently I hit a wrong button or something, but all appears to be well again. It is not so well with me though. I have not felt good the past couple days, and still feel pretty crappy today. My mind is a little fuzzy and all that. So... I may or may not be doing anything at the moment. If and when it comes, it will still be a blogger blog, because, frankly, blogger has always been good to me, and I like it. But 12ddm is just an odd blog address. I don't know why I ever chose that. So I will keep you posted and put a link to the new address should anything happen.

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