Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Interview with dr. binkley

Channel 15 news did an interview with Dr. Vic Binkley Monday: Doctor's Last Wish To Return To Haiti. He is a missionary with our denomination (cggc), and he and his wife have spent their lives between living and practicing in Haiti and here in Wells County, Indiana. They attend the small church that my friend Steve pastors just down the road from us. I think people often overlook the impact small (like 20-30 people), traditional churches like this have on the world.

Interestingly enough, Dr. Binkley's twin brothers were actually born in the back of my wife Jane's grandfather's car. Their mom and dad used to pastor the church in our old hometown, and when the twins were ready to deliver they had Jane's grandpa drive them to the hospital. He didn't make it in time, and they were born in his car.

We didn't know about this until, when we first moved here, Jane's first job was as the secretary at the church the Binkley's attend. So Vic's mom and dad filled her in on their connection. What a small world.

Anyway, what a testimony Dr. Binkley is to living missionally, at home and abroad.

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