Wednesday, February 03, 2010

Toothbrush and a pain in the butt

No, my toothbrush did not cause me a pain in the butt. They are two separate items.

First, I bought a new, old, toothbrush. For the past several years I had been using this battery-operated "spin" toothbrush from Oral B (pictured). It was nice, and used to really make me feel like I was getting my teeth clean. However, I never did like how it had a rounded bottom. So it wouldn't stand up, but it was also too big to fit in a toothbrush holder. That must be why it was the cheapest of the "spin" toothbrushes, and I believe it has now been discontinued. I found a little jar that it fit into, so when I traveled I had to take the little jar along too. But a couple weeks ago I got a wild hair and decided to buy one of the cheapo $1.50 regular Oral B toothbrushes again. I have since been using it, and it just feels better. It's easier to get into my mouth than this big whopper was. And this morning I was thinking... does anyone brush their teeth the way we were taught in grade school? I mean, didn't you have some nurse or dental hygenist come to school and show you how you're supposed to brush up and down, and make sure you "spray it out"? I don't know of anybody who really brushes like that. Don't most people just go back and forth? I would be mad if someone was spraying toothpaste all over my bathroom mirror. Whatever.

As for the pain in the butt... I think I must have pulled a butt muscle on the treadmill last night. I felt the belt slip a little, and when it did I felt like I pulled a little something on my right side (right butt cheek). I didn't think much of it, but after taking a shower it started to hurt to walk. This morning it is still sore. Bummer. Nothing like having a pulled butt muscle when I have to sit all day.

That's about all the excitement around here. Peace out; and in.

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Ed Mcgoldrick said...

Great thing you're now okay, and you already have your new toothbrush. =) Anyway, as for me, I'd prefer a typical toothbrush. I want to clean my teeth with full effort, that's why up to now, I still use ordinary toothbrush. =)