Thursday, February 04, 2010

Monday prayer thing

I've been thinking about starting up a "prayer thing" again at our church, and this weekend gave me an idea: Prayer stations.

We used to open the sanctuary on Monday nights and a small group of us would gather to pray from 7-8 pm. We would just spread out in the sanctuary (or throughout the building) and pray silently, while some soft instrumental music played (so you don't hear our stomach's growling and stuff). I usually had a list of things people could pray about, or for, but you could basically pray however you wanted.

After our worship time at the Missional Leadership Initiative it dawned on me that maybe we needed to make it a little more... interactive. Something like what we did there.

We could meet together in the sanctuary and have some instrumental music playing. We would be free to sit wherever and pray as we liked, but I would also have four stations available:
  • In the front on the one side we would have a table with the Scripture passage for the night (although you would be welcome to use whatever Scripture you like). You could read that, and there would also be candles, so you could light a candle as a way to commemorate your prayer, or "send it up," or whatever.
  • On the other side in the front we could have a table with bread and a cup for communion. You would be welcome to sit there and meditate for awhile as well.
  • In the room to the back on the south side we could set up some paper and pens/pencils, so if people wanted to write or draw they were welcome to there.
  • In the room to the back on the north side I would be available if anyone wanted me to pray for/with them.
This would be easy to set up and do. The only thing I'm not sure about is whether to do it EVERY Monday, or maybe just once a month... like the first Monday of every month. Then there is the whole thing of what to call it too. So... anyway... that's what I was thinking. I'm open for suggestions.

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