Saturday, February 27, 2010

Men's lenten breakfast

This morning our church hosted the Men's Lenten Breakfast. Each Saturday during Lent the six area churches that make up Tri-County Ministries (our combined benevolence group) gather at one of the churches and the men share breakfast and a brief devotion. It started last week at Tom's church, and they were kind enough to make biscuits and gravy. Our church usually has pancakes, sausage, fruit and rolls (which is what we had again this year). I do everyone a favor by staying out of the kitchen, and I provide the devotion when it's at our church. This year we had 26 guys altogether (13 from our church). Most of the guys from here arrived around 6:30 to start cooking, though some came later. I think I got here at 7:15. My devotion was based on Lamentations 3:40 - "Let us examine our ways and test them, and let us return to the Lord." I thought this fit well with the season of Lent, and is something that most men need reminded of from time to time. We also take up an offering for Tri-County Ministries at each breakfast, and this morning we collected $115 - which I thought was pretty good.

Every year when we do these I am torn, because on the one hand - before they happen - I always think it's a waste of time, and why do we keep doing these year after year. But then every year when they start, I think they are such a good time. You've got a variety of guys of different ages, from several different churches, and different denominations, and it's just nice to get together and hang out, and nobody gets too overly spiritual, but at the same time, I think everybody has the same hunger to be a man of God. So on the other hand there's a temptation to want to continue them throughout the year. But sometimes I think that's what makes these sorts of things last... the fact that we don't do them ALL THE TIME. So... maybe we should just keep it how it is and enjoy it for what it is. I wonder if maybe our church should start a men's group though. Maybe just once a month or something... I dunno.

Anyway, I had a good time this morning, and I look forward to next Saturday...

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