Saturday, February 27, 2010

Happy birthday, dear

Today is my lovely wife's birthday. Unfortunately she has to work. She is one amazing woman. She works full-time, goes to college full-time, teaches a Sunday School class, plays the piano every Sunday, listens to me over-time, takes care of our household, is an excellent cook, and still manages to keep herself looking hot! Oh, and then there was daughter Carrie's wedding this past year too. Every mother's dream! And coming up this year will be son Isaac's college graduation, as well as JANE'S OWN COLLEGE GRADUATION!! It should be a very good year. Here are some past things I have written on her birthday in 2008, 2007, and 2006.

This year I got her a box of chocolates, an assortment of different colored roses, and tickets for us to see Willie Nelson at the Embassy in March. Not that she's a real big fan of Willie, but I think we both like him well enough, and we both like to do pretty much anything as long as it's together. Also, last night we went to see The Guggenheim Grotto in concert (more on this later). It was a really nice show, and we were blown away by opener Tadhg (Tiger) Cooke! Tonight we will have a supper 'out' somewhere; and Sunday the boy will be home and we will all do lunch after church. I love you, dear.

For some reason I have always liked this picture from right after we moved here - re-doing the bathroom.

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JAH said...

You're awesome and I love you, too!Looking forward to dinner, tomorrow and the concert...the flowers are beautiful and candy is obviously always welcome. :)