Friday, February 26, 2010

More of less (link, link)

Yessir, I do realize this blog has lacked substance for some time now. Uhhhh... I could give you this stapler if it will make you feel any better. Otherwise... it's just another random thoughts day... with a few nice links added for good measure... (and, yes, I like ellipses too)...
  • There is a nice post by Scott Bessenecker at Sustainable Traditions (and a nice site): Why The Church is Full of Sickies. Why is it that anyone expects the church to be anything close to perfect? As Scott says, "What is missing from the Church sometimes is our ability to admit that we are all broken beggars clinging to a mysterious Savior whom we understand imperfectly and follow even less perfectly."
  • Ben Sternke is finally blogging again, and has a GREAT post "Missional Shmissional." Not only quoting Inigo Montoya, but making some really good points along the way. For instance, "For some, being missional means sitting at home and reading the right kind of blogs, and nothing else." Yeah... as Ben says later, "If living missionally is not rooted in humble worship of and consistent discipleship to Jesus, it's just the United Way with a cross in the logo." Really good post.
  • There is also an innaresting Gallup poll detailing church attendance by state (in the United States). Apparently Mississippians go to church the most (63%), and Vermontians the least (23%). Indiana is at 44%.
  • In other exciting news, I have started using Egg Beaters. Just when I learned to make scrambled eggs, the doctor told me I should stop eating them (cholesterol). So this is my alternative. They're actually not too bad.
  • I am still planning to migrate my blog at some point, but I don't know when. Maybe when somebody adds a few extra hours to the day; or when I'm feeling totally better.
  • I don't know why I still have a Twitter account. I used it for awhile to tweet a daily prayer; and it was good, because it helped give me a short, focused prayer to recall throughout the day. But now it pretty much just sits there taking up space on the interwebs. I still just don't really 'get' twitter. And I have no idea what to do when someone direct messages me, or anything else for that matter.
  • I do think it's been interesting how even Facebook has changed my blogging. I seem to put more personal stuff on FB, and it's left the blog a little dry (I think). I actually miss the old days when I would just pour out whatever was on my mind on this blog. But, I also said a lot of really stupid things too. Sometimes I try to convince myself that maybe I've matured, but I've really probably just become more guarded. And I hardly ever seem to comment on anyone else's blog anymore. For one thing, I don't read very many blogs anymore, but I also think the sense of community that many used to experience through blogging has disappeared. Not for everyone, but I think it has for me. And I miss it. Plus I just feel stupid in a lot of blogersations (blog conversations), because I am not up on all the latest gossip and all the theologians and whatnot. So... whatever. Life is too short, ya know.
  • And... for those of you who think I use ellipses way too much (and way too inappropriately)... Check this out.
  • Okay kiddles... get out there and break some legs. It's another gray day and m'lady has to work all day, and I don't; and I don't really feel like trying on any pants today. My Dyson, Tyson, is calling my name; and I should probably clean the bathrooms. Exciting times to be alive!!!
peace out; and in.

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