Saturday, March 06, 2010

Book of eli

Yesterday I went to a movie by myself. I didn't know anything about 'The Book of Eli', but from what I could remember of the previews, I didn't figure lady Jane would want to see it (she's not much into violence in movies). So I attended the 12:35 showing and had a medium popcorn for lunch.

It was interesting when I got my ticket, because there were like 8 other guys there getting tickets by themselves too. Like it was single guys day or something. Anyway, my movie was in theater 4, which was down the hall and around the corner and the last one on the right. I walked in and there was one other guy in there. That's always a bit awkward, but at least he was sitting down low. He was in about the second row, in the middle. So I went up a ways and sat kind of in the middle too (though I didn't sit directly behind him. that would be like standing at a urinal beside someone). But after sitting down it seemed I was still kinda close, so I moved up to the second row from the top. There... Now I couldn't really see him without trying, so it was like I was there by myself. I actually forgot that he was there later, and I think I belched out loud a couple times.

As far as the movie... I don't want to give too much away, but surprisingly enough, it was about the Bible. Apparently there has been a nuclear war, and Eli (Denzel Washington) has the last Bible left in the USA. He has apparently been told by God to "go west." So he is walking westward through the ruins. There are still some people alive, but it's everyone-for-themselves, and he runs across lots of "bad guys." He finally comes to a town, and in this town is a guy who happens to be looking for The Book that Eli has. But this guy wants to use it for his own gain. So there's a battle between good and evil. The girl that plays "Jackie" in 'That 70's Show' hooks up with Denzel, and the rest is their quest to get the book "out west." I'm not sure how to tell about the end without giving it away (possible spoiler alert), but it involves the bad guy getting the Book, but Eli still gets the Bible to where it needs to go. Turns out he had memorized it.

Anyway, I thought it was good in that it painted the Bible in a positive light. It seems Hollywood has a way of either making Christianity look bad, or making it look hokey (which is also bad). Though I will say that there is not just a little violence and blood-spilling in this movie, so I'm sure there are plenty of Christians who would not approve of it. But, all in all, I thought it was a good movie.

One thing that I was thinking during the movie... I liked how Eli had a very singular purpose; and his faith in God was what enabled him to have this... *confidence* (or focus) about him. He didn't have to give in to other peoples desires and wishes, and he didn't have to have all the answers. He "walked by faith, not by sight" (which was even more ironic at the end of the movie). Anyway, it reminded me that *I* too walk by faith, and that *I* don't need to give in to sin and evil desires either. I really can walk upright and confident in God; I really can do good. But that doesn't mean I have all the answers - or any answers. It means I need to trust God though. Something I sometimes struggle with.

So... I don't know that I can recommend this movie to anyone. Because I'm sure there are those who would really like it, just as well as those who would really hate it. I think it might have even been rated "R." This was "my kind of movie" though. It showed just how messy life really is, but that good is still possible. Sometimes I think there are those in the church who don't really think there is such a thing as a "bad" person. And then there are those who think "bad" people are hopeless. I am glad that no one is hopeless. And I'm glad I watched this movie.

Peace out; and in.

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