Friday, March 05, 2010

Doctor tim delivers tim in haiti

Our nephew, the medical doctor, is presently in Haiti to provide assistance following the earthquake. He was already planning to go before the quake, so I guess this was just an added bonus. He is there for a month. I know he reads here sometimes and I don't mean to embarrass him, but just wanted to write this down for posterity's sake. Hopefully I have the story straight.

One of his first days in Haiti a pregnant woman was brought in whom they thought needed a c-section. None of the other doctors in his group had experience with this, and the nephew had never done a c-section himself -- but he had SEEN them done. So he was elected to take the case. Apparently it worked out that the woman was able to deliver normally; but still, when the baby was born... she named it after our nephew. Pretty cool.

Nice to know there are competent young people willing to go into the medical field. Nicer still that they are doing it for reasons other than money and prestige. It's a lot of hard work and sacrifice. But I imagine days like that make it somewhat worthwhile. Well done, Tim. :)

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