Thursday, March 18, 2010

Census and other exciting stuff

We filled out our 2010 Census last night. Have you? It took about a whole, whopping 2 minutes - mostly because we didn't know what to mark for our housing situation (this included the time it took to open the envelope, and put it in the return envelope). I suppose it helps that there are only two of us. Pretty painless.

Isaac was also home last night (and is still on the couch this morning). I suppose he will be here as long today as it takes to finish his laundry. It was good to see him though. He got a haircut, and we went to supper at Henry's. And we sat right next to Joan, of all people! I had the big salad, and I think I can still taste the onions this morning. It was good though.

Jane and I did watch the Illinois/Stoneybrook game last night. Ugh. Man the Illini are frustrating to watch. So much talent, and so little passion (at least it seems to me). I still can't decide if it's the players, or if it's Weber's coaching philosophy. It's like none of them have any confidence. I wonder if he spends too much time railing on them, rather than developing who they are. At least they won.

Today is Thursday. My back hurts this morning. Going to Tom's church to meet with him and Steve. I have a medium-sized list of things to do today, but nothing too earth-shattering (I hope). I should probably start to figure something out for Maundy Thursday.


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