Friday, March 19, 2010

A haircut and curtis smith's beard

What do you do on a beautiful almost-Spring day?? I decided I'd had enough of work and headed to Great Clips for a haircut. I went to my usual place, and was glad to see a couple girls I recognized from before. You never know, ya know. I only had to wait a couple minutes and then it was my turn in the chair.

April was nice, and she did a good job. I told her the last girl just trimmed around my ears and the bottom of the back of my neck. This time I wanted it trimmed ALL OVER. We had a good conversation too.

I don't know how we even happened onto it though... but she said something about me needing to shave; to which I said, "What? Why do I need to shave?" And she says, "You don't want to look like Curtis Smith do you?"!

Ha! I fired right back, "I LOVE CURTIS SMITH'S BEARD!"

I heard a couple of the other girls say something then, and we had a nice little chat about Curtis's beard right there in the hair cuttin' place.

For those of you not from Fort Wayne, Curtis Smith is the chief meteorologist at INC 21/33 (local FW news). Sometime this winter he started growing a beard and... the next thing you know he's got this MONSTER GIANT BLACK BEARD. There is a Facebook page and everything (the pic there is old; when it was short).

It's like once he started growing this thing it took on a life of its own. He hasn't trimmed it or anything. It's huge. And I love it! Which has nothing to do with me liking men in beards. It's just the idea that all these news people always dress so nice, and look so prim and proper, and then there's Curtis with this great big wild beard. Plus he kinda seems to have a sarcastic/cynical side to him (he makes fun of LJ). So... I joined the Curtis Smith's Beard Facebook group. I have yet to enter the contest for when he shaves it though. There's a contest where if you pick the first 70 degree day you win a riding lawn mower and Curtis will shave his beard.

So... that's kinda what living in Fort Wayne is like. I like it. :)

Peace out; and in.

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