Friday, March 12, 2010

I like my doc martens

These are my everyday shoes. They are the best ones I've ever had. And, actually, these are the first "non-sneakers" I have ever worn for everyday. In my life! I have rather sensitive feet (or I'm just finicky), and I've always had a hard time finding shoes that are comfortable. So normally I have worn running shoes for everyday. But I found this pair on the clearance rack last year, and they are THE MOST COMFORTABLE pair of non-sneakers I have ever worn. They are actually a size bigger than I normally wear too. The box was marked wrong, and I didn't notice it until the checkout girl told me, but they were so comfortable I kept them. I'm glad I did.

I had never owned a pair of Doc Martens before, and really never thought about it. I wasn't even all that thrilled with the looks of these shoes, but they were slip-ons, and the price was right. I have to say, though, that I will be looking into Doc Martens the next time I need shoes. The pair I have are the "Orson Brown Overdrive." If I were to get another pair I would consider: the Tevin Black Overdrive, the Milton Black Overdrive, or the Icon Rigger Boot Gaucho Volcano. Maybe if I start thinking about it now I will be ready to make a decision by the time I need another pair of shoes.

I also thought it interesting to read the history of the Dr. Marten company. They initially started out as a practical, comfortable, work boot. But as their site says, "The postmen, factory workers and transport unions who had initially bought the boot by the thousand, were joined by rejects, outcasts and rebels from the fringes of society." Ha! :)

Certainly they eventually gained mainstream success, but for some odd reason I like that they included this little ditty on their site too:
Dr. Martens have always been different. No other brand has been mutated, customised, fucked up and freaked out like DM's. Without asking or being able to stop it. It happened to them. They were just fascinated bystanders on a journey that has raced through every crevice of subculture, every twist and turn of youthful creativity and now, here, with a generation who have always had email, mp3s and downloads, it is as relevant and vibrant as ever.

Yes, indeed. Even for us old folks. I also appreciated their "Social Responsibility" page. Good on DM. My kinda shoes; my kinda company. And, heck, if they want to send me a free pair of size 9's for this advertisement, I would like them even better!

Peace out, friends; and in.

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Carrie Jade said...

Well after that little history ditty, I want a pair.