Saturday, March 13, 2010

Just me and the lady

Jane is gone to the women's retreat in Findlay this weekend; Carrie went too; and Drew had to be out of town early this morning... So I spent last night and today babysitting the grand-dog.

Jane worked a half day Friday, then her and Carrie took off for Ohio. They will be joined by four other ladies from church. Hopefully they will arrive back home sometime around the start of church Sunday morning. Although it seems there is usually some kind of "ordeal" every time they go to this retreat. Usually there is a snowstorm, or someone ends up in the hospital. I think it was two years ago that Jane had to be taken to the hospital - when she needed to have her gallbladder removed. I'm praying all will go well this year.

I lounged around the house yesterday. I did some cleaning, ran for an hour on the treadmill, then watched some Big Ten basketball tournament games. I had leftover rice for lunch, and went to Scott's and got a salad for supper. I also rented 'The Hurt Locker' at Blockbuster. Shoot, I didn't know it was already out on video. I didn't even know it had been in the theaters yet. I wondered how it could win Best Picture when it hadn't been out yet. Doh! It was "okay"... but I don't know that it was the best movie I saw last year. By far. Maybe I'm just not a "war movie" type of guy.

I don't know if Lady was missing her "mom and dad" or if it was because there was a brief thunderstorm, but she seemed awful sad last night. Since it was storming I finally decided to just sleep on the couch. She slept in the matching chair across from me. Until about 5 am and I heard whining sounds. I looked up and she was looking right at me. :) Other than that we had a swell time.

This morning I have the men's Lenten breakfast at Steve's church, then I meet with a guy I am mentoring to get his provisional license. After lunch I may be going to Anderson to see son Isaac with another guy from church. The other guy wanted to check out the Exodus House house, and I thought it would be a nice chance to see the boy. Although we are going right when Illinois plays Ohio State in the semifinal tourney game. It will probably be better if I don't watch it anyway.

Other than that... a pretty uneventful weekend so far. I am not complaining.

Peace out; and in.

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