Saturday, March 13, 2010

Turn your clock ahead tonight

I hope you remembered that Daylight Saving Time will begin during the night tonight (at least for most of us). Since we're approaching Spring, that means we will "spring ahead" and set our clocks AHEAD one hour. It's supposed to take place at 2 am, but the easy thing to do is: If you go to bed at say, 11 pm, just set your clocks for midnight. Or do like me and set them an hour ahead earlier in the evening. Then when you get up in the morning all will be right with the world. I believe most cell phones automatically switch, so if you use that for your alarm you should be good.

I wish they would move this back to the old date (three weeks later). It is just too darn dark in the mornings now. Of course, I really wish Indiana would have switched to the Central Time Zone when the governor suggested it several years ago. But anyway... set your clocks ahead or you'll be late tomorrow!

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