Thursday, March 25, 2010

Vacation and taxes

We finally booked a hotel for our vacation to Myrtle Beach, SC this summer. Neither of us has ever been there, so we were going solely on internet reviews and a travel mag. The big debate was whether we wanted to be on the north end of MB, where it is supposed to be quieter, or whether we wanted to be where the action is. We chose to be closer to downtown. I like to arrive at a vacation destination and just park the car, then walk anywhere we want to go. So hopefully that will work out. Either way we are staying right on the beach, so how bad can it be.

Our vacation plan is to head towards Myrtle Beach right after church on a Sunday in early June; arrive on Monday; stay there until Friday; and head to somewhere in North Carolina for niece Allison's wedding. We are staying at a mountain resort Friday night through Sunday morning for the wedding, then will head home.

We also took our taxes to the tax lady yesterday. It is quite the job just getting our information together, let alone doing the actual taxes. So I am glad Jane has the patience and intelligence to do that. Taxes for clergy are different than regular people because we are considered an employee for one part and self-employed for another part, and I have no idea which is which. All I know is that it's complicated, and the paperwork is about an inch thick. If I were single I would probably not even do my taxes (well, not really; but I don't know what I would do). I just have no brain for stuff like that. And I'm sure we will have to pay - probably in the thousands. We always have to pay more, and the last few years we've had to pay penalties later in the year because of mistakes the IRS uncovers. Argh.

On a totally unrelated note... somehow I must have updated something on blogger and the template to type this in looks totally weird. I don't like it. Why do things have to update automatically? Whatever.

Peace out; and in.

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