Monday, April 05, 2010

Easter sunday

Yesterday was a nice day (and I didn't freak out once). We had a breakfast at church at 9 am. There were probably 70-75 for that. I ate too much. Egg casserole, biscuits & gravy, and fruit (there were also donuts but I resisted those). Then we had a nice worship gathering. We didn't do anything special, but it's always nice when there's a good crowd. I'm guessing there were maybe 110-120. Not super crowded, but full. I think we even got done a little early. Maybe about 55 minutes.

We had the Easter Egg hunt for the little kids during Jr. Worship. We've never done that before. The nursery kids hunted in Jane's classroom, and the K-4th graders went outside (it was a beautiful day for it - finally). Amy said she lost track of how many K-4th graders there were at 18, so there were at least that many. Very cool.

After church Drew Carrie went to his grandma's for lunch, so Jane and I headed to Bob Evans. Just to show how much of a wimp I am, I got a caesar salad and water, and still had to get a to-go container because I couldn't eat all my salad. I'm hoping to have the rest for lunch today.

We got to hang out with Lady the dog at our house for awhile until Drew Carrie got back. For some reason she kept wanting to sit on my lap. Then the four of us headed to Anderson about 2 pm to see son Isaac. We pulled up to the Milton house and he was laying in a hammock in the yard. Apparently he'd been up all night and went straight to church to play in the band. Once there we finally got the grand tour of The Exodus House. It was much nicer than I was expecting. Not that it's "nice"... but I was expecting something worse. It has a cool living room/dining room area, with these cool round-arched doorways. It still needs quite a bit of work, but should be a great place for a transitional living home. They could still use some financial donors if you need a tax deduction or have some throw-away cash. Or if you have any pull with the show "Extreme Makover" it would make a nice project for them. :)

After the tour of the house we went out for Easter supper at 4:30. We tried to go to Art's for pizza but they were closed, so we went to Real Hacienda on 14th St. We've been there before, and it is real good. I tried to eat light - just getting a burrito with lettuce and tomato - but it's hard to eat light at a Mexican restaurant (for me anyway). We hung out there and talked for quite awhile, then dropped Isaac off at his house, and headed back home. Hard to believe we'll be going back for his college graduation in a month!

Well, Jesus may have risen from the grave, but I am pretty darn beat this morning. Not looking forward to dealing with a wrecked car, and only having one vehicle for awhile. I do hope Jane gets to feeling better today. She was pretty sore yesterday. Seems like there ought to be some kind of a break after Easter, but I guess the show must go on. All in all it was a nice weekend - in spite of the accident.

Peace out, my friends; and in.

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