Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Introverts in the church - pt. 2

In Adam McHugh's Introverts in the Church, he has this handy list in chapter two (p. 42). I can certainly relate to these, though in differing degrees. Here is his summary of common attributes of introverts:
  • Prefer to relax alone or with a few close friends
  • Consider only deep relationships as friends
  • Need rest after outside activities, even ones we enjoy
  • Often listen but talk a lot about topics of importance to us
  • Appear calm, self-contained and like to observe
  • Tend to think before we speak or act
  • May prefer a quiet atmosphere
  • Experience our minds going blank in groups or under pressure
  • Don't like feeling rushed
  • Have great powers of concentration
  • Dislike small talk
  • Are territorial - desire private space and time
  • May treat their homes as their sanctuaries
  • Prefer to work on own rather than with a group
  • May prefer written communication
  • Do not share private thoughts with many people


JAH said...

My thoughts exactly.

Shell said...

Whoa...I never thought I was an introvert. I even laughed when I read some of this because it is SO me.

dan horwedel said...

I wouldn't have guessed you an introvert either, but I'm finding out I didn't understand quite a bit about it. Ya just never know. :)