Thursday, April 08, 2010

Looking for a new car (again)

The insurance company called yesterday (the company of the person who hit Jane's car) and informed us that our Hyundai Elantra is a total loss. I kind of thought that, even though our insurance guy didn't think it was going to be from his initial look-over. There was over $10,000 damage, and that's more than 70% of the value of the car. So the good news is we will no longer have a car loan to worry about. But the bad news is we no longer have a car. I was at least glad we got enough to pay off the loan, and even a little change left over. I really hate car shopping though. Ugh. It seems like we just did this.

I started shopping on the internet last night. I have close to a million printouts for cars in our price range. Of course, just like before, we are back to wondering if we should get something used that fits into our price range (comparable to what was left on the loan of the other car), or just getting something new again? If we go new it will have to be small, but it will at least have a decent warranty and such. But after having a small car, I could go back to a mid-size, and wouldn't mind a 2006-2008. I just can't believe how stinking expensive cars are. Double-ugh.

Jane would like to get a Kia Soul or something fun. I wouldn't mind that either. But I also wouldn't mind something along the lines of a Malibu, or Focus, or actually a Pontiac Vibe would be my first choice. We found a couple in our range, but neither of them has A/C. What the heck is up with that?? Sorry, but I could do without heat before I could do without air conditioning.

Anyway, the next few days are going to be some major stress on my body. I don't like to make big decisions like this, and especially when they need to be made rather quickly. At least the insurance is covering the rental car until the middle of next week. Which, by the way, I finally took the little Mazda 3 out on the interstate and... it really goes. Nice.

Oh, and another interesting thing... yesterday I had to go to the collision center and get the license plate off our Hyundai. After finally finding the place, when I left I was surprised to pull out the back and I was right by the Wedding Place where Carrie got her dress. Then... as I got back to Coliseum Blvd I noticed there must have been an accident RIGHT BEHIND ME when I had turned into the place! There were cops everywhere, and two ambulances. Geesh. And like that wasn't enough... I got back on I-69 to head home and a semi in front of me just swerved right over and rammed into the guard rail. Stuff was flying around, and HE DIDN'T EVEN STOP! He barely slowed down, then pulled off at the next exit. So I high-tailed it home before I got in an accident in the rental. Must be something funky in the air around here.

Well, if you hear a tightening sound in the next few days you will know I am talking to a car dealer. I am going to try to stay calm and relaxed, but... it's not like I'm buying shoes here. I mean, even that would take me a couple of months. Sigh...


Whisky Prajer said...

Good luck with that. I hate car shopping too. I liked our Echo enough that when it came time to buy another car we went to the dealer where we bought it and asked for another (Yaris, this time). The loan was pretty much what we wanted, so we signed and put an end to the shop in one short day.

dan horwedel said...

That sounds like a pretty good plan. We did like our Hyundai. I was hoping they might have gotten cheaper since the last one though. :(

Larry Geiger said...

Car salesmen.
Mankind's worst nightmare.