Friday, April 16, 2010

The new car, and a tincaps game

We picked up the new car last night. I suppose it's only a coincidence that it was also tax day. :) Anyway, we drove it home, dropped off the Buick (which took us to the dealership), Jane changed from work clothes to play clothes, and we headed straight for our first Fort Wayne Tincaps game of the season. Can you say, "beautiful day"?

Actually, we had to do a bit of fancy footwork to finagle everything. We had to have the rental back to Hertz Wednesday (that's as long as the insurance would pay for it), so we returned it to the airport at 10 pm Wednesday night. Then I took Jane to work Thursday morning a bit early, so I wouldn't be too late for my small group with Tom and Steve. Then I picked Jane up from work at 4:45 pm (she got off a little early), so we could make it to Bluffton by 6 pm to sign the papers and get the car. I couldn't believe we got a loan for 4.04 %!

We both love this car. I think we're more excited with it than when we bought the Hyundai brand new. For starters, it looks nicer; and drives nicer; and just plain has cooler stuff.

It has all the regular goodies like cruise, ac, easy-to-read-and-use instruments, power windows, door locks, etc., etc. It also has the most comfortable cloth seats. And the radio/cd/mp3 is waaaay better than the old car. But what seems really cool is the Ford Sync system. Jeremy (the salesman) programmed both our cell phones with the car, so we can now use either of our phones completely voice activated, AS WELL AS the Ipod (which is voice activated also). We can plug the ipod in with either the 1/8" jack, or the USB connector. How cool is all that?! I didn't even know what the Sync system was until he explained it to us. It also has an info system that shows the odometer reading, two trip meters, how many miles left before you run out of gas, and an active MPG calculator. On our trip into town and back we got 38 mpg.

This car also drives extremely well. It rides much bigger than it is. That means it doesn't seem like a small car from the inside. It has all kinds of head room and leg room (more than the Hyundai). And, while we do miss the manual transmission, the automatic is very smooth. It is also very quiet going down the road. The spoiler they added was a nice touch too.

The only negatives with the car seem to be that there is no trunk release inside the car (other than on the key), it doesn't have power seats (or even the ability to adjust the height on the drivers seat), the driver side rearview mirror is scratched, and I don't particularly care for the gas cap on the right side. Other than that is fantabulistic!

When we got home we decided we needed to go somewhere (to drive the new car), so we headed into town to take in our first Tincaps game of the season. It was a beautiful night (it was still 75f at 10 pm). It's supposed to start getting colder today.  We parked in our usual spot and they were just singing the national anthem as we crossed Jefferson to enter the park.

There seemed to be quite a line at the ticket window - even for the back entrance - but we didn't have to wait too long (I will never use the main entrance again. It takes too long). For some odd reason the lawn seats were all sold out, even though there weren't very many people there. We got picnic table seats for $7 instead (lawn seats are $5).

The first thing we did was get something to eat. We both had Chicken Cheese Steak sandwiches from the right/center field area. They are pretty darn good. We sat at one of the tables along the concourse there. We never did go down to where our picnic table area was. After eating we walked around. It was funny, because I think there were more people standing in beer lines than sitting in seats. Of course the fact that it was dollar beer night may have had something to do with that. But it didn't look like they had anything close to the 5,000+ announced crowd.

Anyway, we eventually ran into Drew Carrie and a boatload of their friends. It's always nice to see their friends, because they are all always so nice to us. And they all seem like pretty nice people in general. It's just nice that they actually talk to us and seem to not be embarrassed by us. We also saw an old friend of Isaacs who was in the 6th grade play with him. Cory still remembered his lines from the play!

We walked around the concourse what seemed like a hundred times, occasionally stopping and chatting with people, or leaning on a rail somewhere. We did finally sit down in some handicapped seats at the bottom of the ninth when the game was tied. The Tincaps ended up winning, and everyone went home happy. Although... the funny thing about these games is... I bet at least half the people there don't really even know there's a baseball game going on. It's more just a social event. Which is kind of how we are. We might watch at the end of the game, otherwise it's just a place to hang out and see people. Pretty fun.

I will call yesterday a nice day. Nice day, indeed.

Peace out, my friends; and in.

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It was a most beautiful day.