Thursday, April 15, 2010

Ten websites every pastor should know

I got this list from Rick Warren's Ministry Toolbox... Go to the link for 'Ten Websites Every Pastor Should Know' for more info on each of these places. I suppose I should check them out some time. I do use Bible Gateway all the time.
  2.'s Bible Study Tools
  3.'s Bible maps and timelines
  5. Leadership University
  6. Fides Quaerens Internetum
  7. Grace Online Library
  8. Christian Classics Ethereal Library
  9. Creeds of Christiandom
  10. Christianity Today


Jim said...


NOT a big fan of Creeds of Christiandom. Just what the Church needs - more lines of division, more ways to call someone else a heretic and blasphemer.

Brook (two10eleven) said...

Check out

I use it a lot more than Bible Gateway now and it provides a lot of tools to utilize it as a daily bible study aid.



dan horwedel said...

Thanks guy!