Saturday, May 01, 2010

The biggest sexual disorder in the church

Dave Fitch has another interesting post '"Being Missional" and the GLBTQ #3: Mission and the Nature of Desire.' In case you're wondering, GLBTQ stands for: gay, lesbian, bi-sexual, transgender, and questioning. At any rate, what I found most profound in this discussion was something Dave said in one of the comments...
...the biggest sexual disorder in the church is not GLBTQ ... it is in the heterosexual populations among us ... our marriages ... our singleness ... incredibly deep patters of abuse, pornography, objectification, adultery, that have largely been accepted and/or smoothed over... or worse, accepted as part of every day fallen Christian life...

Since no one knows what to do with all this stuff... we simply make it part of us... and then use the gay/lesbian person to make us feel better in a false kind of enjoyment... "at least we're not them..."

Now THAT is profound (and oh so true).

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