Friday, April 30, 2010

Mowing #3

I mowed again yesterday. It took me the full 2.5 hours, but it was so much nicer than last week. The rain softened the ground some, plus the grass is lush and think, and my back barely hurt. I even did 5 on the treadmill after I was done.

I did mow North/South, and for some reason that seems to be quicker than the other way so far this year. I also took the stakes off of the two new trees by the playground. That helped a bunch, as they were a pain to mow around.

The worst thing yesterday was the dandelions. They are crazy thick this year. That's one of those thing that I don't really know how to address. There has been a guy who sprayed for about the last five years, and so I just assumed he was going to again - as he's never said anything before when he did it. But he didn't spray this year. I just found out the other day that his sprayer is broke. Argh. Dandelions just don't mow well, especially when they're thick. That's why it took so much longer to mow yesterday, because I was trying to go a little slower to cut them down. Eh... such is life.

And I mowed around the little red flags once again. One of these days they are getting mowed clean over, because they are weirdly placed and it makes the bank in the corner of the lawn a real pain to mow.

Otherwise... a good mowing. It looks much good.

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