Thursday, April 29, 2010

What I put on a salad

Since I am apparently too political (which I have discovered actually just means I'm not republican enough), I thought today I would journal about what I put on my salads.

I've been eating a salad for one meal a day for a few weeks now (for the most part). I haven't really been "dieting," but I'm supposed to get my cholesterol checked next month and I'm just trying to avoid having to go on meds again. Yeah, I know it's not how you're supposed to do it, but... whatever. So I've cut out cheese, chips, cookies, and fried foods, and tried to eat more fruits and vegetables. I've also tried to cut down on portions. Most restaurant portions are probably about double what we actually should have.

So when I have a salad (which is usually for supper) these are some of the things I like to put in it. Not that I always put all of these in every salad; I try to mix it up from time to time. I have been using a mix of greens (Jane says the darker it is the better it is for you), a 'light' thousand island or Italian dressing, chopped onions, cut pieces of pepper (red, yellow, orange), little tomatoes, blueberries, radishes, avocado, carrots, jalapenos, olives, and chow mein noodles. I will often follow it up with a handful of sunflower seeds or walnuts. Then it all gets washed down with a nice, smooth glass of water.

This is all in addition to the oatmeal for breakfast (or Eggbeaters, now that I can make scrambled eggs), mid-morning banana, a sandwich for lunch, an apple or raisins in the afternoon, and an evening snack of yogurt, carrots, or walnuts. Just for sanity's sake I do veer from this a couple times a week - like Taco Tuesday when I get 2 Fresco taco's, and Friday night date night especially. Yep, it's a pretty exciting life I lead.

Peace out; and in.


Carrie Jade said...

I don't know dad, I think you've earned fried foods and bigger portions. This is America afterall...just kidding.

Grandpa told me I need to start watching my cholesterol because it runs badly in the family but I just can't get into salads. I took a look at eggbeaters the other day though - why are the so expensive??

Kelly said...

Good luck with that PD! - I remember my Dad's experience with cholesterol and diets was that his levels went up when he had to stop eating the food he liked (they eventually found it was stress-related to start with, and dieting increased his stress exponentially).

We've found Indian cooking is a good compromise between "healthy" and tasty - I recommend Madhur Jaffrey's vegetarian recipes in particular.

kel in oz

Jim said...

Salad? You're obviously not Republican enough! It should be meat and potatoes only, man, preferably meat you killed with your fully automatic hunting rifle! :o)

dan horwedel said...

I wasn't aware that we had a family history with cholesterol, but it doesn't surprise me. I also didn't know that egg beaters are expensive. I guess you have to pay for healthy.

I have had others recommend Indian food. I just may have to give it a try. Thanks.

Hahaha... what can I say. Yep. :)