Sunday, May 23, 2010

Blood pressure

I didn't really trust the blood pressure reading the nurse took when I went to the doctor the other day. She didn't wait for me to get settled, and she did it much too quickly - she was busy and in a hurry. So I went later on and took it at one of the machines at the mall. I took two readings. The first was 119/74, and the second was 98/75. That's more like what I thought it would be.

One thing that I think is odd about this doctor is that he has me come back every 3 months - and it's for my blood pressure. Yet he doesn't seem all that concerned about how the readings are taken. The nurse just takes one reading right when I get there, and that's it. My last doctor has the nurse take a reading when I got there, and then when he came in he took another reading from each arm. He said it sometimes varied depending on the arm. And that way he knew if one reading was way off that maybe it wasn't legit. I liked that.

I'm actually thinking of trying to find another doctor. Not just because of this (though I don't really like the reasoning for having to come in every 3 months), but also just because the one I go to is kind of out of the way. I may check and see if there is one in the same building as Jane's doctor. We'll see.


Jim said...

You're just a money conduit.

Find another doctor!


Shell said...

I agree with Jim. Fire him.