Monday, May 31, 2010

Where is the umbrella

We had a nice day yesterday. We started off with a breakfast at church. It was "teacher appreciation day" and we always end our Sunday School season with a breakfast to honor the Sunday School teachers, as well as the Jr. Worship and Nursery teachers. Daughter Carrie spearheaded the breakfast and it turned out nicely. Then we had a better-than-expected crowd for the worship gathering. Carrie, Drew & Lady spent the afternoon and evening, and son Isaac eventually showed up and spent the afternoon and night. We cooked steaks on the grill to celebrate both he and Carrie's birthdays (Isaac's is June 1 and Carrie's is June 7).

I had a meeting in the afternoon, and when I came back I noticed the umbrella was gone from the patio table out back. I knew it had been there, because I put it out. So I went inside and asked if someone had taken it down and put it somewhere. Jane thought I was joking (for some reason - why would I joke about that), and so her and Drew and I set out looking for it. We looked around the yard, and I finally looked UP... and there it was on the roof of the house! It wasn't even windy out, so I don't know how that happened, but there must have been a little gust that was just right, and up like Mary Poppins she went. I got the ladder out and climbed up and got her. One arm was broken, but I splinted a piece in there, so it should hold for awhile. Weird.

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