Tuesday, June 01, 2010

Isaac's birthday

Son Isaac turns 22 today. He came home Sunday afternoon and we cooked steaks on the grill for both he and his sisters birthday. Carrie turns 25 next Monday. Fortunately the truck made it here without the gas tank falling out, as the strap that holds it has rusted through and it's kind of hanging down. It must also have a broken leaf spring, because it sits rather sideways now. We traded him the Buick and I will see about getting it fixed this week.

On his 22nd birthday he is now a college graduate - with a degree in Bible & Religion, and a minor in Christian Ethics and also Peace & Conflict Resolution; he is currently living a homeless existence - I really don't know where he lays his head at night; he is also working (probably for no money) to get The Exodus House up and running sometime this summer or fall. They still need to re-wire the entire house, get the zoning of the property changed, and raise a boatload more money (feel free to donate by visiting the link above). Such is the life of a recent college graduate.

For gifts we gave him a new driving hat and some money.

This is one of those pics grandma used to make him pose for at her house when he was a wee one. She did like to color-coordinate pictures. Happy birthday, bud.

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