Sunday, June 06, 2010

Blood pressure

I know it's pretty exciting reading about my blood pressure readings, so I have combined some to make it even more riveting.

I think it was actually this past Tuesday I went to Walmart. I had taken a decongestant that day and wondered if it would have any effect. My readings were 134/73 & 126/71.

Yesterday I was killing time and I stopped at the Jefferson Pointe food court. My readings were: 93/70 & 99/60. I thought that was wacky low, so I headed right across the street to Walmart to see how it compared. At Walmart they were: 101/67 & 116/69. It's odd that my top number went up on the second reading both times, but at least the bottom number is fairly consistent. So, who knows. I don't really know how accurate those machines are anyway.

Here are my most recent readings side by side:

6/1 -- 134/73 and 126/71 (on a decongestant)
6/4 -- 93/70 and 99/60 (jp)
6/4 -- 101/67 and 116/69 (wm)

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