Sunday, June 06, 2010

Interesting sunday

It was an odd sort of day today. Not necessarily bad, but just different. For starters, this was our first Sunday of the summer where we didn't have Sunday School before the worship gathering; and we have Jr. Worship for the entire hour instead of just the sermon time for the kids. Not having Sunday School before hand always kind of throws me into a minor loop. I can sleep an hour longer for one thing, but then it's just weird going straight from the song run-through, right into the real thing.

Drew & Carrie are in charge of the summer Jr. Worship thing, and they did it today. Of course there were only 2 kids there, so that was kind of a bummer. But I suppose it was better than having 20 kids, since they had to stay inside because of the weather. You just never know how many kids will be there from week to week.

This was also one of the smallest crowds we have ever had. I have no idea how many, but at the start of the service there were not a lot there. It seemed some more filtered in as the morning went on though.

And we had a little girl (Rie Ann) sing her very first song in public. It was spectacular - even when she would pull her dress up over her head. She is a ball of fire, and you would never know she's had cystic fibrosis from birth. It was pretty awesome.

Otherwise, though, for a small crowd the music seemed to be pretty good; and I felt it was a good morning in general. I will say again, I think the best thing I have ever done as a pastor is to quit counting how many are there for our worship gatherings. Because if I had counted I would have undoubtedly been bummed at the small number. But since I didn't, it just doesn't matter how many are there or not there.

Peace out, my friends; and in.

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Shell said...

I am glad I was there. Rie was amazing. You are right...she is a ball of fire!