Saturday, June 19, 2010

Haircut and pants

I got a haircut yesterday. Went to the usual place and had Amber. I think I've had her before. She did a good job.

Interestingly enough, I had just put my earring back in right before going. I haven't worn it in a long time. And there was a grandmother with her grandson getting his hair cut right behind me. For some odd reason they talked about men with earrings the whole time, and how this kid was NEVER going to get his ear(s) pierced. I don't think they were talking about me at all, but I felt odd anyway. Whatever.

After that I went to JC Penny's. The pants for the gray suit I bought last year are way too big for me now. Of course they didn't have any in my size in the store, so I ordered them. I also picked up another pair of Haggar Cool 18 pants - in navy. I have some in black and tan, and really like them. Now I should be set (unless I want dark green... or brown... or).

Yep. That was my afternoon - along with doing laundry and getting ready for the wedding rehearsal - which was a trip all its own. Things were a little chaotic, and I just about had to ask the photographer to leave. I have no idea why he was even at the rehearsal in the first place. Then a big storm blew in while we were at the dinner in this couples airplane hanger at their farm. We, of course, didn't know a soul. We left after the groom asked if I wanted to shoot some guns with 'em (though that wasn't why we left). The fun never ends.

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