Friday, June 18, 2010


I just don't really even know what to say anymore; other than...
  • I am tired of having only 1 vehicle. I don't mind taking and picking Jane up from work, but some days it just doesn't work out. And being 5 miles from the nearest town is so inconvenient on a bicycle. I'm beginning to think it may be easier to just start looking for another vehicle (something under $3000). I took the truck to someone from church to work on it on June 2, and now I don't even know where it's at. I've called a couple times and am always told, "Yeah, I should start on it tomorrow." Eh... that's about all I can say.
  • We saw some fantastic fireworks after the Tincaps game last night. It was a last minute decision to even go to the game (with supper at Henry's before). We got standing-room-only tickets for $5, but we actually ended up finding a table and chairs by the fountain about halfway through. I was kinda tired from riding the bike and doing the treadmill. We did make it until the fireworks though. At first we waited to watch them on the steps of the Grand Wayne Center, but we started getting sprinkled with water. Someone said they were ALSO going to be shooting fireworks from the roof there, so we started walking to the car so we could see them from both locations. We were just west of the library when they started at the GWC, then they started at Parkview field too. At first they were kind of wimpy, but pretty soon they took off like crazy. It was perhaps the best I've ever seen. And it was cool being downtown between the buildings because of all the echo and bouncing sound. Very nice.
  • It sounds like most people are excited about adding Nebraska to the Big Ten. Not me. Sure, they might be making a comeback in football, but has anyone thought about basketball?? They are going to drag the conference down even farther basketball-wise. Bad move. Missouri would have been better; or even Notre Dame. Otherwise... I dunno.
  • Now that the Lakers have won the NBA championship (I was rooting for the Celtics), let me just say... NBA basketball really stinks. And, believe me, I WANT to like the NBA, and I think I COULD, if they would quit being so "star-centric." There are some good basketball players, but all the league is worried about is making "stars" (in order to make money). And that's what I don't like - when stars get preferential treatment, and all the hype, and the celebrity, and all that goes along with it. Basketball is a 'team' sport. I wish it were more about 'team' again. I could really care less about Lebron or Koby, or Dwayne, or...
  • Speaking of the NBA, I would definitely draft John Wall over Evan Turner. In fact, I wouldn't even draft Evan Turner (well, not early anyway). I think he will be a bust. But this seems to be a very weak draft all around.
  • I have a wedding to do tomorrow, so that means no day off this week (rehearsal today - need to go unlock the church right now, in fact). Nothing elaborate, but it eats up 2 nights.
  • Guess I need to go, it's time for Jane to go to work.

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