Thursday, August 05, 2010

New phone and new furniture

Last night we had to buy a new land line telephone (because the old one got fried in the storm the previous night). After just getting a Vtech phone in March, we opted to go with the AT&T Dect 6.0 phone this time. The other one had sort of an echo to it. We're hoping this one will be better, and will last a little longer.

We also bought some new living room furniture the night before (8/3/10)! We are much more excited about that purchase. It is actually the first new furniture Jane and I have ever bought. I suppose after 27 years of marriage we can splurge just this once.

We are giving our present furniture to a nice young couple who will be moving into their first house, so we went to Macy's and picked out the Corona Sofa, Chair, and the matching ottoman. The sofa is green (pear, actually), and the chair is brown (cafe noir) - just like the picture.

We were actually going to get the Sofa and Love Seat when we went to the store, but after sitting for awhile and waiting on the sales lady we decided that maybe we should get the chair and ottoman. The love seat would have fit nicely in our current living room, but you just never know about things like that. Chairs offer more versatility. I think we both felt like we made the right decision when we left. And it only took 3 trips there before we decided. Although, we had actually seen this furniture several years ago and really liked it. It's the only store we looked at.

We probably won't get it until the middle of September, but I'm pretty excited about this sleek, simple, retro look we'll be taking on.

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Jim said...

Buy a surge suppressor that handles both the electrical outlet AND phone cables to protect that new phone.

Personally we yanked out our landline about six months ago as part of our Dave Ramsey cost-saving campaign. We're to the point where the twins are the only house members who don't have cell phones and they will probably get them for their birthdays next March, so why have a landline? No one ever called that number but robocallers anyway.

Congrats on the furniture. We bought new ten years ago and haven't upgraded since. But then, you're talking to a couple who's lived in a house for nine years and hasn't put curtains up yet. :o)