Tuesday, August 03, 2010


I was on vacation last week. That was the 4th and final week of vacation for my '09-'10 contract year. However, my year started over again this week, so I now have another 4 weeks!

I was planning to go back home (to Buda) for a few days, but that just didn't work out. The first day we only had one car and I couldn't very well leave Jane without a car. The second day I was just really lazy and laid around and read most of the day. There were a few other things I needed to do later in the week, so I just hung out, trimmed the bushes and got new mulch and stuff. Plus my parents didn't seem all that excited about the prospect of me coming to visit for some reason, so... there ya go.

I don't have any vacation plans yet for this year, but one thing I know I need to do again sometime is take 2 weeks off in a row. I think I've only done that once or twice, and it makes a difference - especially when you have a job that doesn't really have a time clock. They say it takes at least a week to forget about it, and then you can have a few days of real vacation time. I don't know. But I won't have to worry about that for awhile. Now it's back to work!

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