Friday, September 03, 2010

And I feel fine

We moved out our couch and chair-and-a-half last night. It is now gracing the presence of Drew Carrie's new home. We also moved out the twin bed, dresser, and night stand that was Carrie's (courtesy of her Aunt Mabel), and a bookshelf. Drew borrowed a truck and we were able to fit the couch, chair, dresser, and bed (mattresses included) in the back of that. We put the book shelf (it came apart) and all the couch/chair cushions in our Buick. We had moved the ottoman that goes with the chair-and-a-half the night before in the Buick. So now they have some furniture, and we are waiting for our new couch, chair and ottoman to be delivered Sept. 15. In the meantime I think we are going to get the living room carpet cleaned. It has not been "professionally" cleaned in the eleven years we've lived here, and I think it could stand to be.

I actually don't even feel too bad this morning. I was afraid my old back might not be able to take lugging a hide-a-bed couch around, not to mention moving a bed and dresser up a winding staircase... But I have learned to proactively take ibuprofen BEFORE doing such things, and aside from some soreness right when we got done, I am okay today (not looking forward to mowing though).

Anyway... this morning, since it's my day off, and all we had to sit on in the living room was the recliner, I've been doing some cleaning and rearranging. We had two old white chairs that Carrie got from Jane's mom when she lived in Findlay - one had been in our kitchen and the other in the spare bedroom - and I added them to the living room. We may be taking them to Drew Carrie's for their "reading room" once we get our new furniture, but until then, they will serve the purpose here. I also drug out the old folding rocker that we used when our kids were wee. Who needs a couch. The top photo is how our living room presently looks (note: I changed this the day after I posted it).

In the bottom photo is what a properly vacuumed carpet should look like. Pardon me, but I prefer straight lines - whether it is carpet or lawn mowing. Just one of those things.

Peace out, folks; and in.

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Carrie Jade said...

Part of the reason we bought a house with hardwood floors is because I can't stand carpet that isn't vacuumed to perfection. No one is as good at is as you. :)