Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Labor day weekend

Another holiday weekend has come and gone. We had a busy Labor Day weekend even though we didn't really do anything too extra special. Saturday we went with Ryan for the first time. That was interesting. Then we bought supplies for the church breakfast.

Sunday was our first day of going back to having something at 9 am for church. We start back with our Sunday morning small groups next week, and this past week was the kickoff with a breakfast. The teachers served us all, and we had breakfast burritos - much to the dismay of one certain person who bitched about it from the time she walked in the door until no one would listen to her anymore. At any rate, I think they went over well and we had maybe 45 for breakfast.

The worship service seemed to go well too, and there were more people there than I expected for a holiday. It also felt good to bash Glenn Beck (though it probably shouldn't). Afterward it was just Jane and I for lunch and we went to IHOP. We drove around after that and looked some more.

Sunday evening Jane's class had a Sunday School party at Matt & Shelley's. Matt cooked us awesome pork chops and we ate and hung out outside until it started to get dark. Then the few of us who remained went inside and talked some more, and watched their daughter take a CF treatment. It was kind of weird, because she's in school now, and I sat there and thought about how I was the first person to hold her after her parents right after she was delivered as a baby. I think she is the only child other than my own that I've done that for.

Anyway we got home and decided that since it was such a splendid night, and neither of us had to get up in the morning, we were going to sleep outside in the tent one last time this summer. So at 9:51 pm we went out to set up the tent in the backyard. Jane held the flashlight, and I had it up in no time. Normally we would have taken the hide-a-bed mattress out, but since we don't have that couch anymore we just took a bunch of blankets out and slept on top of them. It must have worked because my back didn't hurt at all. Oddly enough it sprinkled rain almost the entire night though. We didn't know it was supposed to, but it was kind of nice to listen too. And at 3 am there was some kind of weird noise. We never could decide if it was an animal or someone doing something, but it was the weirdest noise. It lasted maybe five minutes, but we just went back to sleep.

Monday we got up and ate breakfast, then headed up to where Drew Carrie were house-sitting at Crooked Lake. It is Drew's aunt and uncle's house, and geezaroo... what a nice house at that. I think you could have fit our house in it 3 or 4 times. They also had Lady with them, along with the 2 dogs that came with the house (one of which was also named Lady). They made us a nice burger lunch, then we went down by the lake and watched people play on the water. Lady also took a wade in the water (against her will). We came home and Jane finished up her homework and I kind of just vegged out.

Now it's another week.

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