Saturday, September 25, 2010

A prayer place

Here's something I'm thinking about, and I'm not sure if it's a good idea or a stupid idea.

In an effort to better utilize our facility (use it for more than just Sunday morning), and to reach out to those outside of our church, and to be more people-development minded rather than program-driven, and to be more of a 'spiritual director' than the traditional 'pastor'... I'm thinking of putting a sign out by the road and asking people if they would like prayer. We have one of those yellow signs that you can change the letters on (like in front of a business). I would just put something on it like, "Do you need Prayer? Stop inside" (unless someone has a better idea). I would be available to pray for anyone that stopped, or they would be free to just go in the sanctuary and pray themselves if they wanted to do that.

I was thinking I might just get a sign to put on the front door that said "open" or "closed," so people would know if anyone was here. And when I'm not here, I would have a box affixed near the entryway with pen and paper, where people could just write their prayers and leave them if they wanted.

I don't know... I suppose this could create several problems, and it could get somewhat ugly at times, I suppose. It actually sounds like what I used to think a lot of Roman Catholic churches were like, but... I don't know. I mean, you just never know, right? So, I don't know. Just thinking.

Peace out; and in.


Jim said...

I like the idea, and here's why - recently I've been thinking about going to our church during the week to pray in the sanctuary. But I don't. And one of the reasons I don't is that while the "church" is open during the week (church offices, etc.), to my knowledge no one uses the sactuary, and if someone was in there, it would look "weird." I don't want to call attention to myself, ya know?

When I was briefly attending a lectio divina/contemplation group here they met in a side chapel in the Catholic cathedral, and there were ALWAYS people sitting in the main sanctuary, just praying. Because it's "normal" there, and no one to wonder why Joe was in there today praying.

JAH said...

I do still think this a good idea. It probably could get ugly at times, but maybe that is just part of what it is all about. Maybe a lot of important things are missed because we don't want to deal with what appears to be ugly. I don't know - what is the worst thing that could happen? Or...what is the best thing that could happen?

Shell said...

I like this idea. For a multitude of reasons. It's kind of like opening the pavilion up for the community...only it's opening the sanctuary.

JackUVallTrades said...


This is similar to a practice in the Roman Catholic church and I can tell you that the opportunity is of great benefit to those who take advantage of it. Even more now than ever, as our society has transformed to a less-stationary, ever-changing schedule, knowing there's a place people can come to in your community for prayer when they need I think would have tremendous blessing for both them and you. I hope it works out for you!

dan horwedel said...

Thanks for the input, folks. Blessings all over ya'all.